Lives of the Prophets

Current State of the OCP Text

The Greek text of Lives of the Prophets is represented here as it appears in C. C. Torrey, The Lives of the Prophets: Greek Text and Translation (JBLMS 1; Philadelphia: SBL, 1946). This is a very complex document which exists in several distinct Greek recensions. A full transcription of these various recensions, along with critical apparatus, is currently being edited by Douglas Estes.

In addition to the Greek recensions, Lives of the Prophets is attested in Syriac, Ethiopic, Latin and Armenian versions. These still wait to be encoded. DiTommaso (Bibliography, 755) also reports the existence of Georgian, Slavonic, Hebrew and Irish versions which have never been edited in any form.


Print Editions

For further bibliography see DiTommaso, Bibliography, 755-756.


The following minor corrections have been made here to Torrey's text:

1:4 Torrey reads πίννουσιν in a context where πίνουσιν is clearly expected.
2:7 The accent on πᾶντα has been corrected to πάντα.

C. C. Torrey's edition of Lives of the Prophets remains under copyright and is published here by permission of the Society of Biblical Literature. Before using this or any other OCP text for another purpose, please click on the "copyright and permissions" link in the "Help and Information" menu at top to read the policy on re-use and re-publication.