Theodotus (Fragments)

Current State of the OCP Text

The eight surviving Greek fragments of Theodotus are preserved as quotations in Eusebius of Caesarea, who draws these extracts from Alexander Polyhistor (see Praep. Evang. 9.22.11). The text published here is based on the standard critical edition of Eusebius' Praeparatio Evangelica edited by Karl Mras (see below). These fragments are found in Eusebius as follows:

Fragment 1 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.22.1
Fragment 2 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.22.2
Fragment 3 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.22.3
Fragment 4 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.22.4-6
Fragment 5 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.22.7
Fragment 6 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.22.8-9a
Fragment 7 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.22.9b
Fragment 8 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.22.10-11


Print Editions of Theodotus

For further bibliography see DiTommaso, Bibliography, 1062-1065.

Sources for the Text of Eusebius

Sigla Used in the Text

< > conjectural addition
{ } conjectural deletion
[ ] lacunae resulting from physical damage to the manuscript
" " the beginning and ending of a quotation within a text. In the case of fragments preserved in later authors, these quotation marks indicate the beginning and end of the quoted author's words.

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